Hey there! I'm Maria, a Greek-American professional copywriter and virtual assistant living a full and wildly productive life in sunny Greece with my two rascal toddler boys, my Brit hubby and a rather ridiculously moody cat.

Born and raised in NYC, my family moved us back to Athens, Greece when I was but a mere pre-teen . At that age, I had (Hollywood) stars in my eyes.

I loved movies. I'm talking LOVED everything and anything that had to do with movies. I wanted to watch them, make them, write about them... at one point, I even wanted to BE in them.  I was convinced that this was my destined path in life.

I enrolled in the New York Film Academy Summer Program in Paris when I was 16, I made movies in high school (a shot-by-shot remake of "The Breakfast Club" was my crowning achievement), and I studied Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London, graduating with a First Class Honours degree. After completing an MA in European Business, I entered the big wide world with big time movie goals on my mind.


I interned at a couple of movie distributors in London before finally landing my dream job as a publicist at European movie giant, STUDIOCANAL. During my time there, I rubbed shoulders with some pretty big names, I tread red carpets a-plenty and landed many a-proud press breaks (national covers, lengthy magazine editorials, all that jazz).

In 2011, after two and a half wonderful years as a member of an award-winning publicity team at STUDIOCANAL, I decided to move back to Greece. My team was sad to see me go, so I was offered the amazing opportunity to continue doing part of my job remotely. 

Since 2011, I've been virtually managing film awards campaigns - BAFTA mainly - for some of the biggest Hollywood movies. Some of the more recent films I've worked on are The Imitation Game (BAFTA and Oscar Best Film nominee), PaddingtonInside Llewelyn Davis and Rush, just to name a few.  I've helped our films earn countless nominations and win numerous awards over the years.

I've been focused, organised, and always available to ensure every one of my projects runs smoothly and super successfully.

Since becoming a full-time virtual assistant and copywriter I've also worked with:

  • Calyxto - a beauty and fashion industry recruitment platform; writing up newsletters, managing their email database, updating the blog, formatting their Squarespace site, etc.
  • Cultured Me - a luxury towel brand for which I wrote website copy, product descriptions, a retailer pack, sales pitches, press releases, and for which I continue to write three blog posts a month on travel, style and wellness.
  • Owiwi - a new and innovative online psychometric tool for recruiters for which I wrote all B2B website copy.
  • Daily Secret - an exclusive daily e-newsletter about secrets within your city for which I wrote copy on hidden spots, restaurants, cafes and shops in the cities of Athens, Mumbai, Tel Aviv and Istanbul. Our newsletters reached 100,000+ subscribers every day.

For more details on my copywriting services, click here. For more details on my virtual assistant services, click here.

My goal now is to share my die-hard dedication and super organisational skills with other creatives and online entrepreneurs. 

As a copywriter, I want to help you create beautiful and captivating copy that sells.

As a virtual assistant, I want to help you run your business, so that you can grow your business.

I'm available for copywriting, virtual assistance, or both.

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