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Desperate to find your next team member who will confidently take over all the niggly back office tasks so that you can focus on actually serving your clients and growing your business?

Finding the right virtual assistant can take a ton of time; you'll need time to figure out what tasks to outsource, to create an application form, to actually look for VAs to invite to apply and then search through dozens of applications. And even then you're never really sure of the quality of the candidates.

I hear you groaning. Who has time for all that?!

For a limited time only, we are offering this service absolutely FREE.

Submit your application for a virtual assistant today and we will:

1. Create a customised application form specific to your needs
2. Send it out to our qualified pool of virtual assistants
3. Collect their responses and present them to you in an easy-to-read and compare format
4. Select our top choices that we feel would be a perfect fit for your business
5. Guide you on how to best onboard your chosen virtual assistant

Stop searching and start hiring so you can finally scale your business. It's time.

Get started today absolutely FREE!


Working with Maria's VA concierge service was a dream.

I knew I needed help in my business and I couldn't keep doing everything alone, but it was very difficult to figure out who I needed, much less find the time to go through applications! The personality fit was so much more important to me than just skills alone, as I wanted someone who could grow with my business and be in it for the long run.

Maria helped gently guide me to the solution I didn't know I needed, sent several well-qualified candidates my way with her own notes on each person's fit to my team, and afterwards, discussed the interviews with me so I could find my perfect fit! It was a very positive experience and saved me so much time - and very likely, from hiring the wrong type of person.

- Maggie Giele, Award-Winning Digital Marketing Strategist,

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I really can't say enough great things about working with Maria.

I was absolutely drowning in day to day tasks for my business, and with a lil one at home I needed help.  She was quick to respond to my need for a virtual assistant and made finding the perfect fit easy via a short survey. 

She took the time to curate a list of applicants, from her extensive database and even highlighted the ones that she thought would be a great match.  Overall, the process was easy, and I found a VA I knew I could trust.

- Sarah Chancey, Top Wedding Planner,


Find your dreamy Virtual Assistant today absolutely free!


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