What is the Rock Your Biz newsletter:

The Rock Your Biz weekly freebie bundle is a carefully curated collection of free resources for growing your online business created by some of the brightest minds in online business today. I feature email challenges, e-courses, PDF guides, webinars, workbooks, resource libraries and more. I look for and include resources that cover social media, branding, web design, email marketing, copywriting, self-care and so much more. If it's free, useful and all-round amazing, I'll include it.

Find out more about the Rock Your Biz weekly freebie bundle right over here: www.mariacarras.com/subscribe

How does THE NEWSLETTER work:

I ask business owners to submit their freebies through this online form over here. I then go through all the freebies and narrow down the ones that I think are of exceptional value. I then sort them into a schedule to include 3 freebies in the newsletter which goes out every Sunday.

** Please note, I only include the links to sign up to get the freebies rather than the actual freebies themselves.

Some stats about the newsletter:

My current number of subscribers is relatively small but I can assure you they are a very engaged readership -- just look at the stats below. 

As of Friday 30 March my newsletter has:

  • 491 subscribers (but I'm always working to grow this number and have big plans for a major increase soon!)
  • An average open rate of 33.5%. My highest open rate for a single campaign was 76.4%.
  • An average click rate of 10%. My highest ever click rate for a single campaign was 22.8% in October 2015.
  • My latest newsletter which went out on Sunday, March 27 had an open rate of 31.1% and a click rate of 5.3%.

Yes, I need to update this screenshot! :)


You not only get featured in the newsletter every week for a whole month, you'll also get the following mentions:

  • 2x mentions on Twitter (559 followers)
  • 1x mention and tag on Instagram (1992 followers and engagement of 8% as of March 2017)
  • 1 x mention in my Facebook group Rock Your Biz with Maria Carras (163 members as of March 2017)


Many of the businesses I feature contact me to tell me how their feature has impacted their website traffic + opt-ins. Here's some of the lovely things they had to say:

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for featuring my assessment in the Rock Your Biz newsletter! I noticed a huge spike in my web traffic and my opt-ins! I really really appreciate it!  Check out my Google analytics data for when your newsletter went out! You are amazing!

Stephanie Melissa, Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Increased web traffic to Stephanie Melissa's site as a result of being featured in the Rock Your Biz newsletter

Increased web traffic to Stephanie Melissa's site as a result of being featured in the Rock Your Biz newsletter

Some really lovely words from Chrissy Mariner of Quit Create Launch


This week my shout out goes to Maria Carras. She sends out a killer email that lifts up and promotes OTHER biz owners and their free resources. She builds her list and instead of constantly talking about "me me me" she puts all the emphasis on the star power of her fellow business owners and the amazing stuff they're doing to grow their businesses. When I'm in need of an intro to a particular topic, I always hit her emails up first to see if there's anyone she trusts enough to introduce her readers to, covering the topic. Her generosity never fails to amaze me. She's also pretty fun to talk to and is an awesome person in general. 
Meghan Maydel, Brand and Biz Strategist at MeghanMaydel.com

The Rock Your Biz newsletter continuously gives me resources, tools, and insight that I haven't found anywhere else. I look forward to reading it and always end up finding inspiration or something I want to share with others.
Kelsey, www.moxiedot.com

I find that you consistently create really compelling and useful newsletters.
Siri Rosendahl

You are doing a spectacular job with your newsletter. I hope you continue the videos too. Thanks for the inspiration.
Katerina Xiu Xiu Mavroidis

I LOVE the Rock Your Biz newsletter! It's filled with awesome resources that are super valuable. Oftentimes, I use it to learn more about an area of business that I'm weak in.
Allison Hardy

I have been your reader for a while now and I love getting your newsletter because you deliver great and interesting content and advice. I especially love the part where you share all the awesome resources that really resonates and help me in my business.

The Rock Your Biz newsletter is one of only 3 or 4 that I haven't ditched from inbox. Why? Because the content is always actionable, the info always useful, and the tone is so fun & kind!
Kate Rufener

I honestly never read newsletters - I'm notorious for subscribing and then instantly unsubscribing. I don't know what it is... but Maria's newsletters always bring me in. I feel like we're holding a personal, intimate conversation. She always has great content and a friendly tone. It makes me feel like I'm getting an email from an old friend. Thanks so much for doing what you do, Maria! You've made my life as a small business owner even more of a pleasant experience!
Kyrsten Sherwood, Copper Kettle Co.


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