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Working with Maria's VA concierge service was a dream.

I knew I needed help in my business and I couldn't keep doing everything alone, but it was very difficult to figure out who I needed, much less find the time to go through applications! The personality fit was so much more important to me than just skills alone, as I wanted someone who could grow with my business and be in it for the long run.

Maria helped gently guide me to the solution I didn't know I needed, sent several well-qualified candidates my way with her own notes on each person's fit to my team, and afterwards, discussed the interviews with me so I could find my perfect fit! It was a very positive experience and saved me so much time - and very likely, from hiring the wrong type of person.

- Maggie Giele, Award-Winning Digital Marketing Strategist,

Sarah Chancey 2.jpg

I really can't say enough great things about working with Maria.

I was absolutely drowning in day to day tasks for my business, and with a lil one at home I needed help.  She was quick to respond to my need for a virtual assistant and made finding the perfect fit easy via a short survey. 

She took the time to curate a list of applicants, from her extensive database and even highlighted the ones that she thought would be a great match.  Overall, the process was easy, and I found a VA I knew I could trust.

- Sarah Chancey, Top Wedding Planner,