You don't need me to tell you that running a business takes a lot of work. There are the fun parts of the job: creating and launching new products, working on new designs, booking in new clients... 

Those parts of the job make you feel like a rockstar.

And then there are the boring, time-suck kind of jobs that make you question why you ever started the whole thing in the first place. I'm talking bookkeeping, invoicing, scheduling and confirming meetings, organising digital files, updating blog posts, scheduling social media and, finally, the dreaded "E" word (pssst, it's "email"). 

As your business grows, the mundane everyday tasks start to take over and, suddenly, you don't feel like a rockstar anymore.

I'm here to help you recapture that feeling. I'm here to give you your time back so that you can focus on doing what you love and making your business even more awesome.

I'm here to help you put systems in place so that your business runs smoothly and effectively; always adding a personal touch and treating your business as if it were my very own.

How does that sound?





Email Newsletters

  • Original content creation
  • Basic graphics
  • Distribution list management
  • Scheduling


Social Media

  • Branded account set up
  • Multiple account management using Buffer or Hootsuite
  • Original content creation
  • Scheduling posts and/or tweets
  • Community management
  • Graphics creation


Email Inbox Management

  • Categorizing and filing emails
  • Forwarding priority emails
  • Replying to relevant emails
  • Email customer service
  • Canned reply creation
  • Email account set up


Customer/Client Relations

  • Responding to recurring customer/client enquiries
  • Client onboarding (welcome pack creation, etc.)
  • Regularly checking in with longterm clients/partners



  • Blog post copy editing
  • Editorial calendar scheduling
  • Updating and formatting posts
  • Image sourcing
  • Proofreading
  • Research
  • Basic graphic creation
  • Brand partner outreach + communication
  • Basic website setup and design (using Wix or Squarespace)

*** Bespoke blogging packages are available. Email for more info and rates.



  • Calendar management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing
  • Data entry
  • Database management
  • General research



  • Account setup with project management tools like Asana or Trello
  • Client/project management using online tools
  • Outsourcing





$600 / £450

10 hours per month
($60/hour - £45/hour)


You've always wanted to hire a virtual assistant (you know you need to!) but you're not sure how it all works or what you'd even delegate.

Here's how I can help:

  • Manage your inbox and reply to customer service emails.
  • Create social media graphics and/or manage your community.
  • Set up your weekly newsletter emails.
  • Tell you you're doing an awesome job.
  • ... And so much more!

You can manage the majority of the work in your business, but my team and I are here to lend a small helping hand.



$1,100 /£840

20 hours a month
($55 p/h - £42/hour)


Your business has grown a lot quicker then you expected. Congrats! You need someone to take a large portion of the work.

Here's how I can help:

  • Manage product launches and schedules.
  • Schedule and manage your social media accounts.
  • Update customer databases and email lists.
  • Create PDF workbooks and powerpoint presentations.
  • Offer up valuable tips on how you can streamline your biz!

Things are taking off and you need a dedicated team to support you all the way!



Packages are booked one month at a time and are purchased at the start of the month.

Unused hours rollover into the next month.

Additional hours used above your packaged hours are charged at an additional $10/h (or £7.50/h) on top of the hourly package rate.

 No need for a long term commitment.

We accept payment through PayPal.